Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Reaching Out for My Twin Soul

     I was thinking about how I've spent years researching about Twin Souls, after a series of experiences caused me to go on this path (for more on those experiences, click here).  Once I understood that the connection that I had with this other person was my Twin Soul, my prayer has been that I might meet my Twin Soul, even once, before I exit this world.  That prayer has been the same for the last fourteen years.

     I know some people think that meeting their Twin Soul will be full of romance, with rose petals showering down from the heavens, a great symphony playing in the background, running hand in hand on the beach, smiles forevermore.

     I don't.  I've learned that the Twin Soul relationship is more about attaining a certain level of soul maturity and getting ready to "move up" in the soul realms (for more on that, read The Gemini Bond).

     No, all I really desire is to meet my Twin Soul in person, to hear my Twin's voice speak my name, to feel my Twin's eyes look into mine, perhaps to touch my Twin's hand briefly in a greeting.  I guess I just want to know whether what I've believed for the past fourteen years is true or not.

     Is that so much to ask?


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