Saturday, September 1, 2012

Reaching Out for My Twin Soul, Part 2

     Sometimes I may feel a little sad that I haven't met my Twin Soul in person yet, even though I've prayed for it every day.  No, I'm not unhappy in my life.  Far from it.  I consider myself quite blessed.  Rather, it comes from a desire to know if my psychic/empathic experiences have been valid, and I think it also comes from a deep longing to be reunited with my other self.

     Still, when I look at others who have experienced a longing that went unfulfilled, I can't help but notice that things of profound beauty were created because of that longing.  Take Rumi, for instance.  When Shams left (or was killed), Rumi's heart was torn open and from that wound gushed out reams of the most sublime poetry.  Rumi's poems speak about longing and the desire for unity, both with one's other self, and also with the divine. 

     Perhaps that's what The Gemini Bond is for me.  It was born from my desire to make sense of my experiences concerning my Twin Soul, and my research into what Twin Souls truly were.  It came from my unfulfilled prayer to meet my Twin Soul, and in some ways came from the desire to make contact.  Am I in the same ballpark as Rumi?  Not even remotely.  But as Rumi advised, I'm being my note and I'm singing it loud.

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