Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Empathy and Other Psychic Stuff, Part 2

     In the last post, I discussed what being an empath was like, and how it compares to clairsentience.  According to most psychics, there are other forms of psychic knowing.  They call it the five "clairs."

     [The "woo-woo" alert is still sounding strong and loud.]

     Clairsentience is the ability to gain psychic knowledge through feeling.  It can be an emotion, mood, or attitude they sense from others, or it can be a pain they feel in their bodies that relates to an ailment in the body of another.  It is most related to empathy.

     Clairaudience is the ability to gain knowledge through a form of inner hearing.  I also have this gift.  I hear the voices of my guides in my left ear when I ask for guidance or am channeling [the "woo-woo" alert is now at level 3].

     Clairvoyance is the ability to gain knowledge through what is commonly called "second sight."  I have had flashes of scenes, almost like a quick glimpse of a photograph, but some people are able to see entire psychic "movies" in their head.

     Clairalience is the ability to gain knowledge through a psychic sense of smell.  Smell, as you well know, is one of our strongest links to memory, and carries powerful information with it.  I've had a couple of experiences of this, both involving my Twin Soul. Like my quick clairvoyant  "photograph" experiences, they were linked to a scene that I experienced in my head, complete with scent and taste, which brings us to . . .

    Clairgustance, which is the ability to gain knowledge through the psychic sense of taste.  For me, taste and smell are closely linked, as they were in those couple of experiences of my Twin Soul.

     You know, I think we broke the klaxon on the "woo-woo" alert!

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