Saturday, May 28, 2016

Summer is Almost Here!

     Are you ready for summer?  I've got my stack of summer reading all ready. Let's see:  a novel by Kate Atkinson, some short stories by Urula Le Guin, and a book on mysticism by Andrew Harvey to start with. I just love having the time to kick back and savor a good book.  How about you? 

     Have you thought of giving The Gemini Bond a try?  If you love a story that engages your brain, examines what Twin Souls are all about, and is a real page-turner, this book is for you.  Give it a try this summer.

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Empath Protection: Be a Tree!

     I know someone who works in the healing field who told me how she deals with other people's energy.  She is a very grounded individual, and has worked as a healer for a long time.  Perhaps if the eggshell theory or the river theory didn't work for you, this might.

     She explained that she is always very grounded, and when she works on people, she rechecks that she is grounded deep into Mother Earth, her aura extending out the bottom of her feet like tree roots.  Once her hands feel someone's energy needing a release, she takes it in and shoots it out the bottom of her feet and out the energetic roots.  There, Mother Earth recycles the energy. 

     The beauty of this theory is that she doesn't put up resistance, the energy is accepted non-judgmentally, and it's green -- it involves recycling.  Of course, you have to be able to ground easily (which I, as an air sign, have trouble doing sometimes), but this theory may work for you. 

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Empath Protection: Eggshells or Rivers? Part 2

     Last week we discussed the eggshell theory of how to protect yourself from other people's unwanted energy.  Today we're going to discuss the river theory.

     I've read about this only once, and in passing, but finally had it explained to me by a wise energy healer.  According to this healer, energy is neither good nor bad, but neutral.  If you feel that someone's energy is "attacking" you, that is your judgment; the energy itself is just energy.  The intent may be negative, but the energy itself is not.

    Basically, the idea is to take the (neutral) energy that you need (a nice pick-me-up) and let the rest pass through, like a river flowing by.  The energy healer explained that when you put up a shield, like the eggshell theory suggests, you are putting up resistance, which is a real energy drain.  Rather, view all energy as a river which flows.  You can take what you need and let the rest pass by.

     I must admit, as an empath, this theory really goes against my usual instinct, which is to duck and run when I can feel someone's energy affect me.  But the idea of not putting out energy in the form of resistance is really appealing.  Try this theory for yourself and see what works.

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Empath Protection: Eggshells or Rivers?

     If you know that you're an empath, a person who picks up other people's energy, then you know how overwhelming it can be.  Unexplained headaches, aches and pains, and raging emotions that have no basis in your life are an everyday occurrence. You want protection from other people.  Either that, or you want your own private island with drone delivery from Amazon.

     I have found two points of view on how to protect yourself, dear Empath.  Let's talk about the eggshell theory today.

     In this theory, you mentally surround your aura with a gold or white light in the shape of an egg.  A large egg, to be sure, but some people swear by this.  I read an author who even suggested that you activate this eggshell protection by first naming it ("Shield!" or "Protection!" or "Harvey!" -- whatever suits you).  Practice a few times calling its name and then visualizing the eggshell surrounding every part of your aura.  Once you're pretty good at that, then take a deep breath and repeat the process (breath, name, visualize).  Once that becomes easy, you can use this protection any time you feel someone's energy is affecting you.  The breath centers you in your body so that you can focus on you for a minute, the name calls forth the image, and the protective energy becomes manifest.  Try it and see if this works for you.  If not, let's discuss the river theory next time.

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