Saturday, July 27, 2013

Twin Souls and Evolution

     I was watching Into the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman the other day and was captivated by some ideas that were presented.  One idea was that since people are becoming more and more reliant on electronic gadgetry, human brains in the future will shrink and lose complexity.  It's like the electronics become an external brain.  I'm hoping that this is not true.

     Another idea was that people may evolve by becoming less reliant on language.  One theory is that humans are destined to become telepathic and may even become a social brain species much as ants and bees are.  One experiment showed a man thinking in dits and dots like Morse code and a computer was able to accurately translate his thoughts.  The researchers claim this these are just beginning steps.  Whew!

     Here are my thoughts (to take with a grain of salt, as desired):  I believe that my experience with my Twin Soul (read more about that here), and many others' paranormal experiences, are predictors of where humanity may be headed.  That is, I see the desire for instant messaging as a precursor to telepathy and clairvoyance; the internet as a metaphor for the Akashic records; and the concept of Twin Souls as an explanation of the concept that we are, in fact, all one. 

    Come back in a few lifetimes and let's see which theory is closer. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Beautiful Wedding Rite

     I just read an article about Buddhist wedding rituals, and even though it's not exactly about Twin Souls, it's still lovely. 

     The Buddhist wedding has a flower-exchange tradition that dates back centuries, several lifetimes before the Buddha had achieved enlightenment.  This earlier Buddha, named Shakyamuni Buddha, was a handsome warrior, known for being both brave and benevolent.  The story goes that he was walking along a road when a young maiden saw him, immediately fell in love with him, and spent all the money she had on some flowers to give him.  He took the flowers with a smile, promising that they would someday be together, in a future life.  How would she recognize him, she asked.  He answered, "I will give you the same bouquet of flowers."  So, in many Buddhist weddings, the bride and groom exchange bouquets, each explaining the reason they chose those particular flowers. 

     If you were to meet your Twin Soul today, what flowers would you give him or her?  Would it be roses for beauty?  Sunflowers for lightness?  Cosmos for seduction?  Witch hazel for magic?  Or would you realize that the best bouquet is made of the flowers in your soul, which you have spent so many lifetimes tending to and perfecting? 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Sweet Twin Soul Story

     Sometimes the Universe wills that two halves should be together, and in this case, these Twin Souls have been married for 70 years!  Here's the story:

     Eileen and Ron were born in the same hospital (perhaps even in the same hospital bed, Ron joked), although seven months apart.  Their parents dressed them up as bride and groom when they were four, for a carnival.  Not long after that, the families moved apart and did not see each other for fourteen years.  Once Eileen reached the age of 18 and started working, she learned that one of the perks of her job was the opportunity to use the telephone.  Whom did she first call?  Her childhood sweetheart's mother.  Soon, the young couple began courting, and with the onset of World War II and Ron ready to serve in the Navy, they were engaged to be married.  "It feels like Ron and I were thrown together many times in our lives.  I suppose you could say it was fate."  Five days after his return home from service, they married.  The secret to their long marriage?  Ron said, "We promised to love, honor, and obey -- and I did all the obeying." 

     Wise man.

     If you'd like to read more, or enjoy the photos of the couple at age four, at their marriage, and at their platinum anniversary, please click here.  It will bring a smile to your face.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Whether you are celebrating a national holiday,
or celebrating independence from something that no longer fits in your life,
I wish you a Happy Independence Day!

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