Saturday, July 27, 2013

Twin Souls and Evolution

     I was watching Into the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman the other day and was captivated by some ideas that were presented.  One idea was that since people are becoming more and more reliant on electronic gadgetry, human brains in the future will shrink and lose complexity.  It's like the electronics become an external brain.  I'm hoping that this is not true.

     Another idea was that people may evolve by becoming less reliant on language.  One theory is that humans are destined to become telepathic and may even become a social brain species much as ants and bees are.  One experiment showed a man thinking in dits and dots like Morse code and a computer was able to accurately translate his thoughts.  The researchers claim this these are just beginning steps.  Whew!

     Here are my thoughts (to take with a grain of salt, as desired):  I believe that my experience with my Twin Soul (read more about that here), and many others' paranormal experiences, are predictors of where humanity may be headed.  That is, I see the desire for instant messaging as a precursor to telepathy and clairvoyance; the internet as a metaphor for the Akashic records; and the concept of Twin Souls as an explanation of the concept that we are, in fact, all one. 

    Come back in a few lifetimes and let's see which theory is closer. 

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