The Gemini Bond

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Clarissa Wright, twenty-two and working as a social services aide in Denver, has a secret side – she can sense other people’s thoughts and emotions.  She has always kept this ability hidden from others, especially her connection to one particular person whom she has never met, the one she calls her “invisible friend.”  But after she wins a free trip to Hawaii, she is catapulted into a situation where she must confront her fears about revealing her psychic gift in order to save a kidnapped man’s life.  Accompanied by her new friend, Trey Waverly, they embark on an adventure to Phoenix in order to assist police in solving the hostage situation, a case which may soon turn into a murder.  The Gemini Bond is a tale of violence, compassion, courage, and redemption, and explores the ultimate meaning of twin souls.

This is the first of a series.

Book cover by Arturo Barraza, Artezuma Studio