Saturday, January 28, 2023

Another Recommended Devotional Author

      If I were to be stranded on a desert island with only a couple of books at my side, I would choose of one of them to be by my favorite poet.  Rumi.  Yes, the 13th century Sufi mystic.  And Coleman Barks is my favorite translator because he makes the words practically leap off the page.

     There are several books available, so you can go candy shopping if you'd like.  But if you want one recommendation, I would offer The Essential Rumi.  It's delicious reading.  

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Some Recommended Devotional Books

      At the beginning of the year, I recommended that you practice meditation every day in an effort to keep yourself centered in a chaotic world.  How is that coming?  Are you able to devote at least a little time to your eternal self every day?  

     I also recommended that if you can, spend a little time reading spiritual material.  Here is one book that I read every day, year after year, and find new treasures each time.  It is 365 Tao: Daily Meditations by Deng Ming Dao.  He writes one-page devotions on a concept for every day of the year (except Leap Day -- I'm not sure why).  It's a bit like having an expert point out a new facet on an exquisite jewel, which in this case is the Tao.  If you are remotely interested in learning more about Taoist philosophy and practice, this is a good place to start.  

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Putting Centering Into Practice

      I found a video for you that explains how to put your centering into practice.  The presenter in the video, Waxela Sananda, calls it a form of manifesting, but it requires that you step back from the 3D world into your spiritual self before you re-engage in 3D.  However you conceptualize it, it is a very helpful guide to making your spirituality practicable.  You can watch the video here.  

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Centering in the New Year

      Well, here we are into the first week of the new year.  And how are you doing on keeping your new year's resolutions?  I gave up on making them years ago -- I couldn't stand being disappointed in myself.

     But here's a new year's resolution I'd like to recommend for all of us.  It doesn't involve deprivation, expensive equipment, or sweat.  It will probably even make your life run more smoothly with less drama.

     And that is -- come back to the center.  Every day.  

     Picture if you will a tennis player near the back line and her opponent is lobbing side shots so the tennis player is running from side to side.  Does she stay on one side only?  No, she doesn't know where the next shot might land, so she comes back to the center after every shot.

     Similarly, we are fifth-dimensional beings working in a 3D world.  We never know what life will bring us.  But rather than keeping our energy in the craziness and busyness of the 3D world, we need to come back to the center.

     How do we come back to the center? you ask.  Through a regular practice of meditation and some spiritual reading if you can.  We need to come back to our center, which is a spiritual being connected to the Source.  If we do that, we can better face what comes our way.  Try it.  Every day.  That's a habit worth the effort.  

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