Saturday, April 27, 2013

Groundhogs and Twin Souls

     I was watching an old movie that I picked up for cheap at the neighborhood drug store, a movie that I hadn't seen in probably 20 years or so.  Perhaps you've seen it,but if not, maybe you can pick it up at your local DVD bargain bin.  It's called Groundhog Day. 

     I was struck, this many years later, how much this movie parallels my beliefs about Twin Souls. The director mentioned that many people contacted him about how their religion was mirrored in the movie's themes.  Apparently, Buddhists, fundamental Christians, Catholics, and others were really touched by this film! 

     That being said, I thought I'd add my two-cents' worth about how Groundhog Day illustrates the path to reunion with one's Twin Soul. 

     But first, I should probably give you a brief synopsis of the movie.  Phil, a cynical, sarcastic, and self-centered television weather reporter, is sent to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, to do a live feed on Groundhog Day. (For my foreign readers, this is the day when Punxsutawney Phil, a groundhog, is awakened from his burrow to predict the weather.  If he doesn't see his shadow, it will be an early spring, but if he does see his shadow, it means another six weeks of winter).  His new producer, Rita, is sent along with the camera man, Larry.  Rita is sweet, unjaded, kind to all, and a perfect target for Phil's sarcastic comments.  Because they are unable to leave the town due to a blizzard, they all have to stay the night, much to Phil's unhappiness.  The next morning, Phil wakes up to hear the same song played on his radio alarm clock ("I Got You, Babe" by Sonny and Cher), and when he hears the same radio patter and sees the same people he saw the morning before, he realizes that he is living Groundhog Day all over again.  This happens day after day, reliving February 2nd over and over seemingly hundreds of times.  At first, Phil decides to abandon all responsibility for his actions, since what he does this day will be erased by the next morning when he has to repeat the day again.  He later tries hedonism (sex and gluttony), and then, desperate to escape this hell, he commits suicide in all different ways.  Later, he tries to mold himself into the person that Rita might be interested in, all to no effect (although he gets slapped several times for his efforts).  Finally, he decides if he can't get together with Rita, at least he can learn to be kind like her, so he ends up being the town hero and resident savior, and Rita finally falls for him.  Cue the romantic music.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gemini, the Sky Twins

     For whatever reason, I was never really drawn to astrology.  Still, when I was writing The Gemini Bond, I became fascinated with the mythology connected with the sign of Gemini.  To get the whole description, of course, you'll need to read the book, but what interested me for today was its symbol.

     No doubt you've seen the sign:

(image courtesy of
     It's the Roman numeral for two.  It pretty much describes whatever astrological traits you might read about Geminis.  They're chatty, inquisitive, intelligent, great multi-taskers, can be double-minded, and might speak with a forked tongue. 

     Here's how I look at it:  the Gemini symbol is made of two complete one's put together.  In other words, if Gemini is the symbol for Twin Souls (and if you read The Gemini Bond, you'll understand), then it is necessary for each Twin to be complete in and of themselves before they can join.  Each one must become fully One before they can become Two-in-One. That's what I take from this symbol.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Twin Souls and Trees

     It's gardening time here in the desert Southwest, and while I was thinking about how to space a couple of new trees in our yard, I had one of my warp-speed thought links.  Have you ever had one of those?  It's where your brain takes you on a super fast tangent via a series of linking ideas.  It happened as I was standing there in my yard, baby trees at my feet, deciding on how far apart to plant them.  Of course, right now the trees look quite small and twiggy, but in a few years, they will grow and fill out (hopefully), and I needed to plan for that.  That's when my brain took me on its tangent.

     I thought, if these trees are like Twin Souls, isn't it necessary for the Master Gardner to sometimes plant them far apart so that they reach their fullest potential?  After all, if I planted our little trees close together, their branches would eventually intertwine and their roots would compete for moisture.  That would be detrimental for the health of both trees.  Instead, they need to be planted far enough apart to have room to grow into healthy trees.

     Perhaps that's why my Twin Soul and I haven't yet met in this lifetime.  We needed room to grow.  I just hope that I will grow enough in this life to eventually be able to reach out a branch and touch, just touch, the soul of my Twin.  That would be enough for me.

     I think.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Giant Twins!

     Fasten your seat belt, because in about 4 billion years, our Milky Way galaxy will crash into our nearest neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy.  Of course, our sun will be too large and hot by then to allow water to remain liquid on this planet, rendering life here impossible, but imagine the excitement to come!

     Scientists estimate that the two galaxies are twins in astronomical terms, both being around ten billion years old.  Once the two galaxies coalesce into one gigantic galaxy, which could be renamed the Milkdromeda galaxy, the two enormous dark holes at the center of each former galaxy will merge into one. 

    Merging into one -- sounds a little like Twin Souls, doesn't it?  Two entities created from one (as in the Big Bang), developing and growing, and, after years and lifetimes, finally meeting and melding and becoming one again.  Pretty cool. 

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