Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gemini, the Sky Twins

     For whatever reason, I was never really drawn to astrology.  Still, when I was writing The Gemini Bond, I became fascinated with the mythology connected with the sign of Gemini.  To get the whole description, of course, you'll need to read the book, but what interested me for today was its symbol.

     No doubt you've seen the sign:

(image courtesy of
     It's the Roman numeral for two.  It pretty much describes whatever astrological traits you might read about Geminis.  They're chatty, inquisitive, intelligent, great multi-taskers, can be double-minded, and might speak with a forked tongue. 

     Here's how I look at it:  the Gemini symbol is made of two complete one's put together.  In other words, if Gemini is the symbol for Twin Souls (and if you read The Gemini Bond, you'll understand), then it is necessary for each Twin to be complete in and of themselves before they can join.  Each one must become fully One before they can become Two-in-One. That's what I take from this symbol.

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