Saturday, April 13, 2013

Twin Souls and Trees

     It's gardening time here in the desert Southwest, and while I was thinking about how to space a couple of new trees in our yard, I had one of my warp-speed thought links.  Have you ever had one of those?  It's where your brain takes you on a super fast tangent via a series of linking ideas.  It happened as I was standing there in my yard, baby trees at my feet, deciding on how far apart to plant them.  Of course, right now the trees look quite small and twiggy, but in a few years, they will grow and fill out (hopefully), and I needed to plan for that.  That's when my brain took me on its tangent.

     I thought, if these trees are like Twin Souls, isn't it necessary for the Master Gardner to sometimes plant them far apart so that they reach their fullest potential?  After all, if I planted our little trees close together, their branches would eventually intertwine and their roots would compete for moisture.  That would be detrimental for the health of both trees.  Instead, they need to be planted far enough apart to have room to grow into healthy trees.

     Perhaps that's why my Twin Soul and I haven't yet met in this lifetime.  We needed room to grow.  I just hope that I will grow enough in this life to eventually be able to reach out a branch and touch, just touch, the soul of my Twin.  That would be enough for me.

     I think.

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