Saturday, July 30, 2011

How It All Started, Part 4

     As I wrote last week, amongst all the bombarding feelings and thoughts I was receiving from other people, there was one constant.  Like the one voice in a crowded room that always remains the same even as the other voices drift and change as people come and go, there was for me one energetic fingerprint that stayed the same.

     This is how I came to know who that constant voice was.

     About six months after the car accident, I heard this person's actual voice.  I won't say more, except to say that this person works in the arts as I do, and I had the opportunity to hear a recording of this person's speaking voice.  It was the strangest experience for me, because the sound of the voice evoked an almost primal reaction in me, as if I were returning home after a long, long journey.  As Rissa explained in The Gemini Bond, the sound of this voice was like finding the voice to which you spent your life comparing all other voices. 

     What I didn't understand at that time, however, was why I felt this way.  I didn't even have a name for this phenomenon, and it took years for me to understand that this person was my Twin Soul.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Need to Rant

     Why do scientists need to pooh-pooh everything that they can't quantify in a test tube?  Granted, I don't believe everything that every self-proclaimed psychic has to say, nor do I put 100% faith in my own subjective experiences.  Still, to say, as did an article I just read on my internet home page, that all psychic phenomena is "all in our heads," well, that's discounting a lot of things which have really compelling evidence.

     For example, how do you explain well-documented reports of after-death experiences?  Or how about young children who remember specific details of their former lives?  And -- if you want further evidence -- why did the governments of the U.S. and U.S.S.R. pour millions of dollars (or rubles) into psychics who were trained to remote-view? 

     That is why, when I was trying to understand my own experiences, I searched through the internet as well as many of the esoteric writings from traditions from around the world.  Some of it was woo-woo, some of it was deceptive, and some of it made a whole lot of sense. 

     But in the end, I decided that my experiences weren't "all in my head."  Grr.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

How It All Started, Part 3

     So, here I was, getting bombarded with people's feelings and sometimes even their thoughts.  Here's how I might describe it:  It's like walking into a crowded room and hearing all those voices, then walking into a different crowded room and listening to that mix of voices, and so on and so on.  Every day for me was like walking into another crowded room.

     But here's where it takes a turn to our primary subject:  Twin Souls.

     Now, imagine that in every crowded room you visit, there is always one person who is the same.  In every mixture of voices, as you walk from room to room, one voice is always present.

     Every person has a distinctive voice, right?  Imagine, then, that in every crowded room you visit, that distinctive voice was always in the mix.  I think that after a while, your subconscious would pick up on that.  At least, that's my working theory.

     About six months after the car incident, I finally heard that voice by itself.  It took a long time to understand that this "voice," this particular vibration linked to a person, was my Twin Soul.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How It All Started, Part 2

     Let's see, in HIAS, Part 1, I talked about how I developed an increase in my empathic abilities due to a fender-bender.  The old noggin got a real shake, and this is what resulted.

     I was inundated with other people's feelings, even when in the house all alone.  It was a really scary time, because I truly questioned my sanity.  I talked to a couple of people who I knew were into the whole New Age/metaphysical viewpoint, and they said that first, I needed to clean up my diet and avoid all toxic substances as much as possible (which has taken a long time to do), and second, they said I needed to find a way to close down my ability. 

     In other words, I needed to find the off switch.  Easier said than done.

     I'm sure there are people who can turn their abilities off and on at will, but I, unfortunately, am not one of the them.  I've found, with trial and error, that I can limit what I receive from others by not allowing myself to feel so "open," and to keep up a protection of white light when I'm around a lot of people.  When I'm tired or distracted, though, I still get glommed onto.  For example, if I touch someone with a headache, I end up catching their headache!  Yep, it keeps life interesting.

     Next time, I'll talk about how this ability finally put me in contact with someone I've never met -- my Twin Soul.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ting, Ting!

     That's the sound of a half-full lead crystal champagne flute being struck -- my favorite sound!
     Yes, this does call for a celebration.  After much work, a few bouts of frustration, and having learned more about computerese than I ever cared to know, my book -- The Gemini Bond -- is now available as an ebook!  Whoop, whoop!
     Please tell all your friends and neighbors, enjoy reading it, and let's celebrate!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How It All Started -- Part 1

     OK, here's the story of how it all started.

     I was driving down the road near a retirement community and traffic was heavy and slow.  I remember that people were trying to get through a light which seemed to be short-cycling, and suddenly the folks in front of me braked suddenly.  I braked suddenly.  The lady behind me didn't. 

     Crash, tinkle, tinkle . . . . tinkle.

     The little old woman who hit my tiny car was driving a big old Olds.  Her blah beige car didn't register a scratch.  Mine had some major damage to the rear.  And I had the worst headache.  I remember sitting on the curb by the edge of the road (and did any of those other people stop to help?  Noooooo -- they were more focused on getting through that dumb light), holding my head and trying not to throw up.  Not a very glamorous moment.

     It turns out that I ended up with a moderately severe case of whiplash (chiropractic is great, but deep tissue massage is better -- take my word for it), and a mild concussion.  Sounds pretty easy, once you past the initial pain, right?

     Well, in my case, it took months before I could read the paper again and understand it, before I could put together a coherent sentence without stopping to find words, before I didn't have to rely on a reminder list for every daily task. 

     But, after my brain and body healed, I found that I had gained a new ability.  My natural empathy had multiplied in strength.  (I know, you were expecting me to say I could leap buildings in a single bound, or had x-ray vision or something, right?).  I could sense what others felt, even across many miles; I could even sometimes "hear" what they were thinking.  I was inundated by others' feelings and moods.  The driver in front of me, a person walking by, someone who brushed up against me in the store --- they would all be sources of feelings that would infect me.  I was inundated by these passing feelings and moods that weren't mine.  It was tough to take, and sometimes I worried about my sanity.

     Next time, I'll talk about how I learned to cope with being an empath, and what this has to do with Twin Souls (really!).

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Whew -- this is scary

     Hi there.  Welcome to my blog.  And, yes, this is really scary for me.

     Let me explain.  Well, maybe you already understand. 

     These days, we can talk about our bodily functions, our mishaps, our dreams, our insecurities, our addictions, our sexuality, and everything else under the sun, but we don't often talk about (I'm whispering here) psychic stuff.  You know, woo-woo.  What we experience between our ears that isn't prompted by something we see, hear, taste, smell, or touch.  And those who do talk about that stuff, well, we label them as New Agers, or crazy, or freaks, or . . . woo-woo. 

        "Wait," you may ask, "What does this have to do with Twin Souls?  I thought this was another Twin Soul site."

     I'm getting there. 

     The road I traveled to discover what a Twin Soul was, and what that means, all started with some psychic experiences.  And, yes, I seriously wondered if I was going crazy.  I'll write more about those experiences, and that long road, in future posts.

     But for now, let me stand proud while I say, "I've experienced some psychic events.  And I'm not crazy." 

     I think.