Saturday, July 30, 2011

How It All Started, Part 4

     As I wrote last week, amongst all the bombarding feelings and thoughts I was receiving from other people, there was one constant.  Like the one voice in a crowded room that always remains the same even as the other voices drift and change as people come and go, there was for me one energetic fingerprint that stayed the same.

     This is how I came to know who that constant voice was.

     About six months after the car accident, I heard this person's actual voice.  I won't say more, except to say that this person works in the arts as I do, and I had the opportunity to hear a recording of this person's speaking voice.  It was the strangest experience for me, because the sound of the voice evoked an almost primal reaction in me, as if I were returning home after a long, long journey.  As Rissa explained in The Gemini Bond, the sound of this voice was like finding the voice to which you spent your life comparing all other voices. 

     What I didn't understand at that time, however, was why I felt this way.  I didn't even have a name for this phenomenon, and it took years for me to understand that this person was my Twin Soul.

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