Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How It All Started, Part 2

     Let's see, in HIAS, Part 1, I talked about how I developed an increase in my empathic abilities due to a fender-bender.  The old noggin got a real shake, and this is what resulted.

     I was inundated with other people's feelings, even when in the house all alone.  It was a really scary time, because I truly questioned my sanity.  I talked to a couple of people who I knew were into the whole New Age/metaphysical viewpoint, and they said that first, I needed to clean up my diet and avoid all toxic substances as much as possible (which has taken a long time to do), and second, they said I needed to find a way to close down my ability. 

     In other words, I needed to find the off switch.  Easier said than done.

     I'm sure there are people who can turn their abilities off and on at will, but I, unfortunately, am not one of the them.  I've found, with trial and error, that I can limit what I receive from others by not allowing myself to feel so "open," and to keep up a protection of white light when I'm around a lot of people.  When I'm tired or distracted, though, I still get glommed onto.  For example, if I touch someone with a headache, I end up catching their headache!  Yep, it keeps life interesting.

     Next time, I'll talk about how this ability finally put me in contact with someone I've never met -- my Twin Soul.

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