Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Need to Rant

     Why do scientists need to pooh-pooh everything that they can't quantify in a test tube?  Granted, I don't believe everything that every self-proclaimed psychic has to say, nor do I put 100% faith in my own subjective experiences.  Still, to say, as did an article I just read on my internet home page, that all psychic phenomena is "all in our heads," well, that's discounting a lot of things which have really compelling evidence.

     For example, how do you explain well-documented reports of after-death experiences?  Or how about young children who remember specific details of their former lives?  And -- if you want further evidence -- why did the governments of the U.S. and U.S.S.R. pour millions of dollars (or rubles) into psychics who were trained to remote-view? 

     That is why, when I was trying to understand my own experiences, I searched through the internet as well as many of the esoteric writings from traditions from around the world.  Some of it was woo-woo, some of it was deceptive, and some of it made a whole lot of sense. 

     But in the end, I decided that my experiences weren't "all in my head."  Grr.

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