Saturday, February 27, 2016

Twin Souls, Yesterday and Today, Part 2

    Our featured Twin Soul comes from the American past, a beloved writer, Mark Twain.  Before he became the famous writer and personality, before he left his job as a steamship steersman, he met the woman who would haunt his dreams for the rest of his life.  Her name was Laura Wright, and they met aboard a steamship when she was fourteen.

     It seems it was a chance encounter, and ended when her father took her and her family off the ship the next day, yet it made such an impression on the young writer that he continued to think of her even until late in life.  If you would like to read his essay on the relationship, I would invite you to sit and savor My Platonic Sweetheart.  The thing I found most interesting about this essay is how the author and the sweetheart keep meeting age after age, life after life.  It's like he is alluding to reincarnation and the recurring Twin Soul relationship.  Fascinating stuff. 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Twin Souls, Yesterday and Today

     Today we're talking about a possible Twin Soul relationship that has been in recent news.  I'm talking about Malala, the Pakistani girl who stood up for her right to get an education and was shot in the face by some fundamentalist thugs.  She survived, and, according to a movie about her ("He Named Me Malala"), the first thing she said when she awoke from life-saving surgery in England was, "Where is my father?"

     This is no ordinary father-daughter relationship.  From an early age, he believed in her ability to do anything she chose, and, in his words, "I never clipped her wings."  This empowerment helped her to stand up for herself, even at a great cost.

    Her father described their relationship as "like one soul in two bodies."  It is indeed possible that this is a Twin Soul relationship, with one supporting the other to fulfill her role as a symbol of females' rights to education. 

     Bravo and brava. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

To All Lovers,
All Romantics,
All Young at Heart
And Hopeful in Spirit,
Happy Valentine's Day.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Chinese New Year!

     February 8th is the beginning of a new year in the Chinese calendar.  And which animal is it represented by?  Welcome to the year of the monkey!

     I didn't know this, but there are different aspects of the monkey personality depending on the year that you were born.  Do you remember the discussion we had about the five elements in Chinese theory last fall?  You might want to review that to make more sense of this:

     The wood monkey (born in 1944 or 2004) is helpful, compassionate, has a strong self-esteem but can be stubborn.  The fire monkey (born in 1956 or 2016) can be ambitious and adventurous but can also be irritable.  The earth monkey (born in 1908 or 1968) tends to be frank, optimistic and fearless.  The gold (metal) monkey (born in 1920 or 1980) is quite smart, quick-witted, confident, but can be irritable and stubborn.  Finally, the water monkey (born in 1932 or 1992) is also smart and quick-witted, but enjoys being in the limelight and can be haughty. 

    So, don't monkey around.  Have a party! 

(photo courtesy of and a selfie-taking monkey)