Saturday, May 11, 2024

Speed Bumps

      And I'm back.  Life has put some speed bumps in my way -- two surgeries within three months -- and it's taking longer to recover than I expected.  And so it is.

     And how are you?

     The energies in the world right now are, to me, sometimes difficult to navigate.  It just feels like the world is on a giant vibration plate and all sorts of things are coming loose.  I believe that this is for the purpose of getting rid of things that no longer serve humanity, but, boy, is it hard to live through.  

     Maybe my speed bumps serve the purpose of slowing down, taking care of myself, and not be so actively engaged in this world right now.  If that seems wise to you, feel free to do the same.

     Meanwhile, take good care of yourself and I'll try to do the same.