Saturday, January 26, 2013

Twin Souls and Soul Mates, Part 3

     In Destiny of Souls, Dr. Michael Newton talks of the different kinds of soul relationships, but disagrees with the concept of Twin Souls. 

     First, he counters that notion with his discovery of what he terms "parallel lives," in which a soul may choose to split into two or more parts and then experience life in simultaneous incarnations.  According to his explanation, a soul in parallel lives differs from what I would term a Twin Soul in two ways:  (1)  The two parts often don't have contact with each other in that lifetime; and (2) There is no drive, no deep yearning, to reunite.  Dr. Newton further explains that very few souls choose this kind of incarnation. 

     Second, he states that at the moment of creation, we are individuals, not a part of some other soul.  As he writes, "Each energy particle is unique in its own right and created as a single entity."  He denies the idea that Twin Souls are two halves of one soul, created to be united again at the end of our incarnations. 

    What's my take on all this?  More on that to come.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Twin Souls and Soul Mates, Part 2

     In Destiny of Souls (see previous post), Dr. Newton explains the difference between soul relationships.  He wrote that the primary soul mate is that soul with whom we have the closest affinity, our "closely bonded partner."  He writes, "No other soul is more important to us than a primary soulmate and when my subjects describe lives with these souls as their mates most will say their existence is enriched beyond measure." 

     Another kind of soul relationship is that of companion soulmates.  These are members of our primary cluster group, who came in existence together and often reincarnate together.  They can be friends, parents, siblings, sons or daughters, or other close relationships.  Dr. Newton writes, "Within this cluster group there is usually an inner circle of souls who are especially close to us, and they play important support roles in our lives and we do the same thing for them."  While the number varies for each soul, there are typically three to five souls in this category.

     Finally, there are affiliated souls, which Dr. Newton defines as the classification of souls which pertains "to members of secondary groups outside our own primary cluster but located in the same general spiritual vicinity."  There could be as many as one thousand souls or more in this group.  Often our parents come from an affiliated soul group. 

    Where do Twin Souls fit in to all this?  More on that to come. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Twin Souls and Soul Mates

     I finished reading the second book by Dr. Michael Newton, a hypnotherapist who specialized in regressing people to the time between lifetimes.  Fascinating stuff!  If you're interested in reading it, I'd suggest you get his first book, Journey of Souls, to understand his framework, and then if you would like to explore more in depth, continue with Destiny of Souls, which is the book I'm going to discuss.

     In Journey of Souls, Dr. Newton argues against the idea of Twin Souls.  He uses the term "soul mates" to describe the one soul who is closest to you, the one who often is first to meet you on the other side, the one who often works closest with you in any given lifetime.  I wondered, as I read the book, if perhaps it was the terminology that was getting in the way of a core concept.  After all, I couldn't really just throw away essential teachings from native Hawaiians, from Plato, from mystics the world over, could I?  As I read, I also wondered how unbiased Dr. Newton was in questioning his clients.  This is not to knock his methodology -- after all, I consider his achievements to be astounding.  Still, it's hard not to wonder if our own biases quietly creep in when we do our explorations.

     And that, of course, includes my own.  More on this to come.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A New Year's Resolution

     One of my New Year's resolutions is to get back to some heavy-duty writing.  Yes, the blog is fun and all that, and I'm grateful for all the readers I've had, but I need to use my time to get back to work on my next novel.  Yes, the second novel is a continuation of Rissa, Trey, and David's story from The Gemini Bond, exploring more of the relationship these Twin Souls can and cannot have, given their circumstances (of course, I really can't say more if you haven't read The Gemini Bond yet).

     But I will miss visiting with you, so how about this:  I'd like to cut down my posts from twice a week to once a week while I get back to writing.  And if you miss me terribly, there are a whole lot of old posts you can explore, or you can always read my first novel -- again!