Saturday, January 12, 2013

Twin Souls and Soul Mates

     I finished reading the second book by Dr. Michael Newton, a hypnotherapist who specialized in regressing people to the time between lifetimes.  Fascinating stuff!  If you're interested in reading it, I'd suggest you get his first book, Journey of Souls, to understand his framework, and then if you would like to explore more in depth, continue with Destiny of Souls, which is the book I'm going to discuss.

     In Journey of Souls, Dr. Newton argues against the idea of Twin Souls.  He uses the term "soul mates" to describe the one soul who is closest to you, the one who often is first to meet you on the other side, the one who often works closest with you in any given lifetime.  I wondered, as I read the book, if perhaps it was the terminology that was getting in the way of a core concept.  After all, I couldn't really just throw away essential teachings from native Hawaiians, from Plato, from mystics the world over, could I?  As I read, I also wondered how unbiased Dr. Newton was in questioning his clients.  This is not to knock his methodology -- after all, I consider his achievements to be astounding.  Still, it's hard not to wonder if our own biases quietly creep in when we do our explorations.

     And that, of course, includes my own.  More on this to come.

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