Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, Guys and Ghouls.
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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Walk-Ins and Star Seeds

     In the previous posts, I have been discussing "walk-ins," which are souls which come into a body, either temporarily or permanently, for the purpose of soul growth, working on a project for the benefit of humanity, or to learn some specific life lesson. 

     Similar to "walk-ins" are "star seeds."  These are souls which originate on another planet or dimension which choose to come to Earth for a specific purpose, much like those reasons listed above.  What are the symptoms of a star seed?  They include:
  • Feeling like you cannot blend in, no matter how hard you try
  • Being labeled "unique" or "eccentric"
  • Being extremely sensitive, especially to sounds, odors, feelings
  • Being empathic, able to feel others' feelings and sometimes read their thoughts
  • Being able to "shapeshift" one's energy in order to be more understanding and empathetic
  • Being energetically drained by other people
  • Being unable to relate to the everyday thoughts and chitchat of other people
  • Preferring people of higher vibrations -- people who are more spiritually oriented
  • Preferring to be alone, especially when drained
  • As children, love being in nature or with animals
  • As children, being highly imaginative, such as having an imaginary friend or creating fantasy worlds
  • Having an interest, even when young, with UFOs, other worlds, other possibilities
  • Being interested in reading voraciously, in the arts, and in the healing modalities
  • Feeling like one has been "called" for a purpose in this life
     Yep, yep, and yep.  Well, if you also believe that you are a star seed, what do you do?  First, affirm and accept who you are.  Second, find your purpose and believe that the Universe will guide you along the way.  Third, find others who accept who you are and affirm your goals.  Carry on.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Spirit Possession or Something Else? Part 3

     How do you know if you are a "walk-in," that is, a spirit that has taken over the inhabitation of your current body?  According to WWS (Woo-Woo Specialists), the signs include:
  • Having experienced an extended period of unconsciousness while being ill
  • Having an organ transplant
  • Having experienced some memory loss or episodes of lost time
  • Failing to remember one's childhood
  • Having experienced a dramatic change in one's belief systems and/or religion
  • Having experienced a dramatic shift in one's interest or ways to spend time
  • Having experienced an inexplicable acquisition of new talents or abilities
  • Having new approaches to solving unsolvable problems; new ways of thinking
  • Having others say that you are not yourself, that you are different
  • Having suddenly left jobs or long-term relationships
  • Having experienced a rapid series of challenging life problems
  • Having experienced the inability to relate to family members who were previously close
  • Have the feeling of not recognizing the person looking at you in the mirror
     Do any of these describe you?  If so, do not panic.  This just means that before you incarnated, you made an agreement with the spirit of the current body to change places either temporarily or permanently.  The key is to remember why.  Did you come here to learn something?  To further your evolution?  To work on a project which will help humanity?  Focusing on those important questions will get you further along your path.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Spirit Possession or Something Else? Part 2

     Last week I wrote about the supposed "possession" of Lurancy Vellum by the spirit of Mary Roff.  The question is:  Did Lurancy fake the whole thing or was she schizophrenic or was she really possessed? 

     The experts who examined her at the time believed that she was not faking it.  She knew too many things that only Mary would know, and Mary had died when Lurancy was only six months old.  So, let's strike the idea that she faked it.

     Second, was she schizophrenic or epileptic?  She did have epileptic-like fits at times, but this would not explain how she "became" Mary Roff.  We'll strike this idea as well.

     Last, was she "possessed" by Mary's spirit?  Some WWSs (Woo-Woo Specialists) would say that she had Mary's spirit as a "walk-in."  What's a "walk-in," you ask?  WWSs define it as a spirit of another entity that takes over the physical body of a living being, either temporarily or permanently.  According to many WWSs, more of us are walk-ins than we realize.  This is not some scary invasion by an overpowering spirit, according to WWSs. Rather, it is a priorly agreed-upon exchange of habitation in a specific body for specific reasons.  These reasons include the desire to evolve spiritually, to engage in some project for the benefit of humanity, or to learn a specific life lesson.

     How do you know if you are a walk-in?  More on that next week.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Spirit Possession or Something Else?

     A while ago I enjoyed an installment of "Mysteries at the Museum" which featured the story of Lurancy Vennum, a girl who was called "possessed."  If you are interested in watching it, you may go here.  I must say I always enjoy that show, mainly because of the hot, I mean, well-spoken and informative host.  But I digress.

     Lurancy Vennum was born in 1864 in Illinois.  The family eventually settled in Watseka. When she was thirteen years old, Lurancy heard voices calling for her and felt very strange.  She eventually began exhibiting paralytic fits, spoke as if other spirits were speaking through her, and, after a time, seemed to be "possessed" by the spirit of Mary Roff.  Interestingly, this whole change in Lurancy began on the 12th anniversary of Mary's death.  Years before, Mary had also experienced epileptic-like fits and had eventually committed suicide and died in an asylum when Lurancy was six months old.  Lurancy and Mary had never met.

     Once completely "possessed" by Mary's spirit, Lurancy begged to be taken home, that is, to live with the Roffs.  She recognized people and items that Mary knew and even played the piano as Mary had.  As "Mary," Lurancy failed to recognize her own parents anymore, except as friendly visitors to the Roff home.  She stayed with the Roff family as "Mary" for about four and a half months.  After that, she tearfully said goodbye to the Roffs and returned home as Lurancy.

     So was Lurancy possessed by Mary's spirit?  Was she schizophrenic?  Was she faking the whole thing?  More on this next week.