Saturday, October 25, 2014

Walk-Ins and Star Seeds

     In the previous posts, I have been discussing "walk-ins," which are souls which come into a body, either temporarily or permanently, for the purpose of soul growth, working on a project for the benefit of humanity, or to learn some specific life lesson. 

     Similar to "walk-ins" are "star seeds."  These are souls which originate on another planet or dimension which choose to come to Earth for a specific purpose, much like those reasons listed above.  What are the symptoms of a star seed?  They include:
  • Feeling like you cannot blend in, no matter how hard you try
  • Being labeled "unique" or "eccentric"
  • Being extremely sensitive, especially to sounds, odors, feelings
  • Being empathic, able to feel others' feelings and sometimes read their thoughts
  • Being able to "shapeshift" one's energy in order to be more understanding and empathetic
  • Being energetically drained by other people
  • Being unable to relate to the everyday thoughts and chitchat of other people
  • Preferring people of higher vibrations -- people who are more spiritually oriented
  • Preferring to be alone, especially when drained
  • As children, love being in nature or with animals
  • As children, being highly imaginative, such as having an imaginary friend or creating fantasy worlds
  • Having an interest, even when young, with UFOs, other worlds, other possibilities
  • Being interested in reading voraciously, in the arts, and in the healing modalities
  • Feeling like one has been "called" for a purpose in this life
     Yep, yep, and yep.  Well, if you also believe that you are a star seed, what do you do?  First, affirm and accept who you are.  Second, find your purpose and believe that the Universe will guide you along the way.  Third, find others who accept who you are and affirm your goals.  Carry on.

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