Saturday, October 11, 2014

Spirit Possession or Something Else? Part 2

     Last week I wrote about the supposed "possession" of Lurancy Vellum by the spirit of Mary Roff.  The question is:  Did Lurancy fake the whole thing or was she schizophrenic or was she really possessed? 

     The experts who examined her at the time believed that she was not faking it.  She knew too many things that only Mary would know, and Mary had died when Lurancy was only six months old.  So, let's strike the idea that she faked it.

     Second, was she schizophrenic or epileptic?  She did have epileptic-like fits at times, but this would not explain how she "became" Mary Roff.  We'll strike this idea as well.

     Last, was she "possessed" by Mary's spirit?  Some WWSs (Woo-Woo Specialists) would say that she had Mary's spirit as a "walk-in."  What's a "walk-in," you ask?  WWSs define it as a spirit of another entity that takes over the physical body of a living being, either temporarily or permanently.  According to many WWSs, more of us are walk-ins than we realize.  This is not some scary invasion by an overpowering spirit, according to WWSs. Rather, it is a priorly agreed-upon exchange of habitation in a specific body for specific reasons.  These reasons include the desire to evolve spiritually, to engage in some project for the benefit of humanity, or to learn a specific life lesson.

     How do you know if you are a walk-in?  More on that next week.

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