Saturday, October 18, 2014

Spirit Possession or Something Else? Part 3

     How do you know if you are a "walk-in," that is, a spirit that has taken over the inhabitation of your current body?  According to WWS (Woo-Woo Specialists), the signs include:
  • Having experienced an extended period of unconsciousness while being ill
  • Having an organ transplant
  • Having experienced some memory loss or episodes of lost time
  • Failing to remember one's childhood
  • Having experienced a dramatic change in one's belief systems and/or religion
  • Having experienced a dramatic shift in one's interest or ways to spend time
  • Having experienced an inexplicable acquisition of new talents or abilities
  • Having new approaches to solving unsolvable problems; new ways of thinking
  • Having others say that you are not yourself, that you are different
  • Having suddenly left jobs or long-term relationships
  • Having experienced a rapid series of challenging life problems
  • Having experienced the inability to relate to family members who were previously close
  • Have the feeling of not recognizing the person looking at you in the mirror
     Do any of these describe you?  If so, do not panic.  This just means that before you incarnated, you made an agreement with the spirit of the current body to change places either temporarily or permanently.  The key is to remember why.  Did you come here to learn something?  To further your evolution?  To work on a project which will help humanity?  Focusing on those important questions will get you further along your path.

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