Saturday, May 21, 2016

Empath Protection: Be a Tree!

     I know someone who works in the healing field who told me how she deals with other people's energy.  She is a very grounded individual, and has worked as a healer for a long time.  Perhaps if the eggshell theory or the river theory didn't work for you, this might.

     She explained that she is always very grounded, and when she works on people, she rechecks that she is grounded deep into Mother Earth, her aura extending out the bottom of her feet like tree roots.  Once her hands feel someone's energy needing a release, she takes it in and shoots it out the bottom of her feet and out the energetic roots.  There, Mother Earth recycles the energy. 

     The beauty of this theory is that she doesn't put up resistance, the energy is accepted non-judgmentally, and it's green -- it involves recycling.  Of course, you have to be able to ground easily (which I, as an air sign, have trouble doing sometimes), but this theory may work for you. 

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