Saturday, September 22, 2012

Different Types of Knowing, Part 2

     Last time we discussed how we empaths have been validated as to our way of knowing.  Jainism, a religion originating in India and at least twenty-six hundred years old, describes eight different ways of knowing.  Two of those ways involve some of the skills which we empaths have -- gaining knowledge from clairsentience and clairvoyance, and knowledge gained from telepathy (I would put that also in the realm of what some empaths can do). 

     In The Gemini Bond, the characters of Rissa and Trey represent two very different ways of knowing.  Trey, of course, is always spouting off about this book knowledge gained from his studies at various universities, and he brings a large amount of knowledge about the issues that Rissa is facing.  In contrast, Rissa is the one acquiring knowledge, whether she wants to or not, through her psychic gifts.  Part empath, part telepath, and part clairvoyant, she gains a different type of knowledge about the subject of Twin Souls.  I remember writing these characters in order to explore the whole notion of Twin Souls not only from a "book knowledge" point of view, but also to describe my own psychic/empathic experiences with my Twin Soul.  Rissa and Trey, in this sense, act out my two ways of examining and coming to know about Twin Souls.

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