Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Empaths, Flora and Fauna

     As an empath, I've noticed over the years that I'm not only extremely sensitive to what people are feeling, but also to other living forms.  Here's a story to illustrate the point:

     I was once sitting in the house of some friends, admiring the lovely back yard area in their new house, when I had the distinct feeling of compression or strangling.  I wasn't actually choking, but the feeling that I couldn't get enough living force, like air, was strong.  I looked around and noticed that one of the trees in the yard, which had been stabilized with wire attached to posts for support, was calling for my attention.  I don't know if it's possible for a tree to psychically yell, but this tree was doing something very much like that.  I looked closer and saw that the support wires had grown into the trunk as the tree grew, and the poor tree was being starved of nutrients.  I pointed out the wires to our friends (omitting the fact that the tree was still yelling at me), and they said they'd take care of it later.  It was hard to ignore the tree's insistent "now, now, now!" but there are times when you just have to do your duty and let it go. 

     Yes, the sound you hear is the woo-woo alert bell ringing. Sorry, I should have warned you sooner.


  1. I often feel a sorta of gravitational pull towards nature in itself. I am a universal empath meining I carry traits of all different empaths strongly. However I am more strongly connected with the Earth and animals. I believe this stems from my spirit seeking comfort and safety, a survival instinct based on unsavory experiences within humanity. It simply reached toward the most calming source more than everything else in order to better my survival. I believe when I escape this negative bubble of energy within my family (I will get a way for a while) my other traits will prevail with my Earthly and emotional connection once again and I can achieve spiritual balance. I actually, while younger, I was extremely emotionally abused so the calm of nature and caring for animals pulled me most, I honestly thought I was some form of Earth nymph or a sister of mother nature before I was old enough (11) to realize I was empathic and studied it more to better understand myself. Haha

  2. You both sound like you have traits of a double F Empath,
    Earth nymph is very close it is believed their used to be a community long ago (B.C). A group of people that were born with a direct connection to mother earth. How you can tell is if tapping into the wavelengths of a tree you would be able to feel all the surrounding trees (this is where the tree of life comes in). Normally one can have either flora Empathy, connection to all plants or fauna empathy, connection to all living creatures. It is very possible for the tree of life to bestow many individuals and double f empaths and I've talked to many individuals who have made a lot of sense of their abilities once they understand their connection with mother and the tree of life