Saturday, September 8, 2012

Empathy and Other Psychic Stuff

     Today we're going to talk about what empathy is and how is compares to other defined psychic abilities.  There's a major "woo-woo" alert going on -- red lights flashing, klaxon sounding.  Just to give you advance notice . . .

     I've often referred to myself as an empath.  Just what is an empath?  Well, for me, it is someone who feels what others feel -- whether an emotion, mood, attitude, or feeling in the body (such as a headache).  Distance doesn't matter because the connections I have with the people in my life are both timeless and distanceless.  When my boundaries are low or I am tired, it doesn't seem to matter if I have a personal connection with a person or not.  I can easily catch a headache from the stranger ahead of me in the checkout line, or feel a passing sense of anger from the person driving in front of me. 

     Empaths often feel overwhelmed because they are constantly bombarded by the feelings of others.  They hate crowds.  They sometimes don't like to be touched, because they know it heightens the emotional connection and don't want the added burden.  They love animals and nature, and have a deep connection with them.  They have trouble saying "no," and often put others ahead of themselves, leading to burnout.  They are great listeners, and people often open up to them because they feel so comfortable talking to an empath. Empaths relax by being totally alone.  

     How does this compare to clairsentience?  They are very similar, according to most psychics.  One of the major differences is that clairsentients gain their psychic insight through their senses of feeling, just as empaths do, but they may not be as overwhelmed by it.  Perhaps it's because clairsentients have evolved an ability to place boundaries around themselves so that they don't have to suffer in order to understand.  Either that, or they received the owner's manual, and the empaths are still waiting to receive theirs . . .

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