Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In an Alternate Reality

     If there are parallel universes and alternate realities, then there is a place where people are counseled not only on their mental strengths ("Are you a visual thinker?" and  "Do you like math?") or their emotional strengths ("Do you prefer to lead groups of people?" and "Do you prefer to work alone?"), but also their psychic abilities.

     In this alternate universe, I'd have the counselor ask things like, "Do you feel what others feel?" or "Do you sense illnesses in another person's body before they tell you?" or "Do you have any passion or talent for being a healer?" 

     In this different place, our counselor would then take into account all their client's strengths -- mental, emotional, psychic, and natural gifts -- before recommending a career path. 

     Back on planet Earth, however, we who have different psychic gifts have to be our own counselor, and have to find our own way in this world.  It sometimes makes for a meandering path, but perhaps that's part of our destiny, too. 

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