Saturday, August 11, 2012

In an Alternate Reality, Part 2

     I was thinking about our alternative universe where people are counseled about their career paths based on their mental and emotional strengths, as well as their psychic and natural gifts.  What sort of careers would a person with psychic gifts, such as a strong empathic ability, be best suited for?

     I think any of the healing professions would be a natural fit for our empath.  God knows there are many doctors out there who seem to have lost their ability to view their patients as little more than numbers or case files.  And if our empath could not only sense people's emotions and physical issues, they would save time because they could get to the core problems quicker.  Health insurers, take note!

     How about the teaching profession?  An empath could easily detect when little Johnny is telling the truth about Fido eating his homework, or whether Susie's black eye is really from falling down the stairs, or from someone at home hitting her.  I think an empathic teacher would also be able to more quickly tailor his or her teaching to a student's needs because this teacher would sense when the student "gets it."

     How about a social worker?  That is an interesting problem, because I think an empathic social worker would easily suffer from being overwhelmed with the strong emotions involved with their cases, but the empathic ability would also get to the root of core issues quicker.  That balance, discovering truth while fighting emotional overwhelm, is something I explored in The Gemini Bond with Rissa's character.  I think all empaths deal with that issue to some extent.

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