Tuesday, August 21, 2012

From a Soul Viewpoint, Part 2

     In my previous post I was wondering about what would happen in our world if we were to really focus on the soul in every person we meet.  My mind wandered to various scenarios.

     For example, what if parents were to teach their children from day one that they were souls here on Earth for a special journey -- a journey of learning and of growing, of healing and of helping.  What if parents used discipline not to punish, but to take time to remind the child of their soul journey and ask, "Does this thing that you did reflect who you really are?" 

     What if schools educated children not as data receptacles who will regurgitate information on a later test, but as souls who need to know how to develop the tools necessary for their life mission?  What if wisdom were more valued in our schools than facts about things?  What if teachers reminded students with behavior issues that their poor choices don't do justice to the wondrous beings that they are? 

     What if our justice system were to go back to the old ways of having the victim (or their family) and the perpetrator sit in a room together so that everyone understood at a deep level how much pain was suffered?  What if our prisons were a place where its prisoners would not only reflect on their acts, but also work with counselors to heal their own wounds and learn how to follow a wiser path?

     Impractical in this complex world?  Perhaps.  Are there some souls who would not respond to this soul viewpoint?  Probably. 

     Am I being too much of an idealist?  Maybe.  But if we want to move forward, we have to aim high, right? 

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