Saturday, August 25, 2012

Soul Levels

     In the book, Journey of Souls, Dr. Newton, a hypnotherapist, describes how souls are at different levels.  They progress from one level to the next by mastering certain lessons in life.  The way that souls recognize what level they are in the Bardo (the place where souls go between lives to meet with their guides, review what they've learned, and plan for the next life), is by the color that their soul emits.  I guess it's a bit like their essential soul color, not like an aura.  According to Dr. Newton's research, yellow, gold, and white souls were in their beginning stages, while blue and purple souls were more advanced.

      Thinking about that, my mind went to all sorts of "what if?" scenarios.  What if we were to group children in the classroom by soul levels?  That might make discipline and teaching style more efficient because it would be targeted for each specific group.  What if we as a society were to mete out punishments based on the soul level?  A less-advanced soul might need more punitive consequences where a more-advanced soul might need more time to think about their actions and how they affected others.

     But let's look at it another way.  In some schools, children are grouped in classes according to their reading level or language ability.  Some might argue, rightly in my opinion, that this deprives the "lower" kids of learning from the "higher" kids.  It also deprives the "higher" students from developing teaching and leadership skills that they would develop in a mixed-level classroom.  So, perhaps separating them according to their soul level might not be such a great idea.

     In life, we are all mixed up together -- the newer souls live right next door to the old souls among us.  We are reminded that we are all learning and growing together, and that nobody is too far advanced not to learn from the newest souls on the block. 

     It reminds us to be humble and realize that we really are all in this together.

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