Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Cool Thing About Being an Empath

     I discovered this week one cool thing about being an empath.  It involves a long story which I'll put in a highly abridged form here.

     I had a dispute over services and billing with a service provider.  After talking, sometimes a little heatedly, with two of its employees, I finally resorted to writing a letter to the owner of this business.

     It was a clear, pointed letter concerning what I felt the injustices were, how they could be remedied, and what I would do if they weren't.  The Better Business Bureau and the Internet weren't invented for nothing.

     Two business days later, I received a message from this company and I returned their call the next day.  Of course, the owner was far, far too busy to talk to the likes of me, but his assistant would be happy to speak for him.  When I first started talking to her, I noticed waves of  . . . fear.  I was standing, ready to do battle, and I did a quick self-check.  Was I feeling afraid?  No, it wasn't me.  It was her.  She was afraid of little ol' me. 

    Whew, talk about the power of the pen.

     But knowing that she was feeling fear, I could talk reasonably with her, not fulfilling her fantasies of a raving lunatic customer, and I got everything I wanted, plus more.

     Happy customer, relieved assistant. 

     I think just knowing what the other person was feeling really helped me know how to handle the situation.  By not becoming the thing that they fear, I could address their higher self and we could resolve things peaceably.  We both won (although I won a little more).

     Perhaps I should become a professional poker player. 

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