Saturday, April 28, 2012

Twin Souls in History, Part 3

     I think that one of the great love stories of the 20th century was the relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and her twice-husband, Richard Burton.  Like two stars slowly crashing into each other, at the same time burning more brightly together while engaging in mutual destruction, they blazed a hole in the night sky that cannot be forgotten.

      Were they Twin Souls? I cannot say for sure, but here's quote from Mr. Burton that suggests that something about her reminded him of a distant memory: ‘She is like the tide, she comes and goes… In my poor and tormented youth, I had always dreamed of this woman. And now, this dream occasionally returns… If you have not met or known her, you have lost much in life.’ 

     That they both attracted and repelled each other is the stuff of tabloids.  I am not here to judge.  But if they were indeed Twin Souls, they might serve as examples of people who met their other half, but could not remain together in that particular life time.  Because of the pressures of their lives, from which they escaped into addictions, they could not find the balance of their mortal and divine selves.  They could not find wholeness, and so they came together as two incomplete halves of one soul.  The result was tragic.  Still, if they are Twin Souls, they will meet again.  I hope for a future meeting that is filled with peace, balance, and the ecstasy of a true Re-Union.

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