Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In the News

     I couldn't help noticing that one of our desert states, the one where much of The Gemini Bond takes place, has been in the news lately.  It's over the hubbub caused by the law passed a couple of years ago concerning the treatment of illegal immigrants. 

      It's really not the purpose of this blog to get into a political fray, but I did want to point out that there is definitely a human side to this problem, one which is described in The Gemini Bond.  

     There are always reasons why people do things.  The Buddhists teach that all people try to find happiness and avoid pain; these are the fundamental driving forces of all beings.  In my novel, I tried to show how the avoidance of pain and hope for eventual happiness caused one the main characters to do some otherwise loathsome things.  There is a human side to suffering, whether that person is receiving it or causing it.  And in all the political wrangling of recent days, I think the human side has been sadly forgotten.

    And with that, I'll get off my soap box. 

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