Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Twin Soul Connections and Busy Signals

     Sometimes I feel my Twin Soul as if that person were in the same room with me, or sometimes as if I were looking through my Twin's eyes.  It's an intimate feeling that surpasses even sex, because it's like being inside another person's self. 

     Then there are other times, like lately, when I'm busy or my Twin's busy and the connection fades into a soft drone, like a busy signal on an old telephone (before the advent of voice messaging).  It's not that we're not still connected, it's just that our outer world has taken over our inner world to a great extent.

     I was thinking that there's another possible reason that my Twin Soul and I don't always "feel" each other -- and that is that sometimes we have a growth spurt spiritually and don't match wavelengths.  It's as if I or my Twin suddenly change our radio frequency to the next highest level and have to wait for the other to catch on and catch up.  I think this is normal, especially in these days when spiritual growth has accelerated.  Have you noticed?  It seems as if the people on the planet are either growing by leaps and bounds, or resisting it with all their might.  No wonder we are having trouble getting along. 

     My advice (not that anyone asked it or anything . . . . )?  Keep growing.  Keep believing.  Don't resist the resisters, but show them the way, with kindness and compassion.  Fundamentally, we are ALL connected, so it's just a matter of time until we get to the same place.  Believe it.

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