Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Somebody Heard Me

     Do you ever feel like what you do in life has no beneficial effect at all?  That you work and work and all the negative forces of the world -- the glorification of violence and ignorance in popular culture, the lack of responsibility among adults, the belief in quick fixes and easy blame -- all conspire to snuff out the little bit of good you try to give?  That you feel like a tiny speck trying to swim against a tidal wave?

     Well, sometimes the Universe hears our bellyaching and frustrations and reminds us that what we do counts and sometimes that tiny speck is a seed which the tidal wave will carry far away, away from our sight perhaps, but still will take root somewhere down the line. 

    I think the Universe heard me and my gripes, because I had two little pats on the back lately which meant a lot.  In one, I heard from a person I haven't heard from in over a dozen years, saying nice things about a work I wrote over fifteen years ago, and the second was a nice email today from a person who enjoyed a different work I wrote about ten years ago.  So, these things that I wrote, and threw to the tidal wave that is Life, came back with some nice sentiments.  That touched my heart.  Thank you.

     Meanwhile, carry on, troops!  You do make a difference!

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