Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Arts and the Everyday

     I was thinking today about how hard it is to make a living in the arts, and how the arts are so necessary to making life bearable.  Why is it that the arts are so poorly rewarded (in a monetary sense) in today's society?  Why is it that schools cut the arts first?  Why is it that governments so often give defense companies astronomical amounts, or give away tax breaks worth billions to corporations, but leave the arts begging?  What is it about our society that rewards the basest parts of our nature, while skimping on that which can elevate us all to higher levels in terms of our perspective, our emotional evolution, our spiritual nature, and our humanity?

     I say, buck the system.  Go and do a little something to support the arts today.  Go visit a great museum, go to a poetry jam, go listen to a local concert, go read a good book.  (Yes, you may take that last part as a hint).  Let the arts work their magic on you.  Evolve.  Help others evolve.  Let's move this world forward!

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