Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Aha! Aca!

     We're back to one of my favorite TV shows -- "Survived -- Beyond and Back" (see the link here).  Last time I watched it, there was a segment about a woman who died while on the operating table, and reported feeling like she was floating over her body while watching the people in the surgical room.  She noticed that she could hear their thoughts and feel their feelings (hmm -- sound familiar, fellow empaths?), but the cool thing was that she also saw these silver cords which linked the doctors and nurses to each other.  These cords ran from their stomach area to every other person in the room.

     At that, my mind yelled, "Aca cords!  She's seeing aca cords!"

     I do have interesting thoughts at times.

     Aca cords are silver cords of light which link us to other people.  The Hawaiian religion, Huna, teaches that these cords are built every time we interact with another person, either by speaking to them or touching them.  Imagine being able to see those aca cords! 

     Also imagine the aca cord that connects us with our Twin Soul -- it must be the largest and most deeply embedded cord of all.  And that, I believe, is why it's possible to "feel" our Twin even when we've never met in this lifetime.  Like Rissa in The Gemini Bond.  Or me.

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