Saturday, May 5, 2012

Twin Souls in (More Recent) History, Part 4

     I was watching "I Survived . . . Beyond and Back" on the Biography channel a couple of weeks ago and became engrossed with the story of "Jim" (I forget his name), who died of anaphylactic shock on a beach in Oregon.  [Here's the link to their website if you'd like to see some past episodes].  Like most of the stories, he was clinically dead and then underwent some remarkable experiences.  The thing that really struck me was how he said that after he left his body and was "standing" on the beach, he saw in the distance a male figure coming toward him.  When he finally could make out the face, he at first said that it was his own face that he saw, but then changed the story to say that, no, it was the face of Jesus or an angel. 

     But I wonder . . . could it have been his other self, his Twin Soul, who was greeting him?  At the risk of sounding like one of the wild ufologists on "Ancient Aliens" (whose jumps in logic are enough sometimes to give me whiplash), I'm wondering if he was so bothered by the idea that a person with his face was coming to meet him, that he changed it to something more socially acceptable.  I doubt I'll ever know. 

     Still, the lesson here might be that sometimes our Twin Soul is not in body at the same time as we are, but may act as a guide or spirit companion.  I do know that the first person I'd like to see when I pass would be my Twin.  Imagine -- together at last!

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