Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Walking Through the Dark Valley

     Lately I've been playing nursemaid to the Significant Other, who underwent a major surgical procedure recently.  It has meant that I'm doing all of my normal duties (plus working full time) as well as S.O.'s duties, plus fetch-and-carry for the dear S.O.  I'm so tired sometimes my bones hurt, but while I was ruminating on my own tiredness this morning, a little voice in my ear quietly reminded me that this is a wonderful lesson.  Yes, I am learning some invaluable things.  Compassion.  Selflessness.  Patience.  A greater empathy. 

     While I wouldn't wish any pain on my S.O., still, these lessons have deepened me somehow.  And that makes it all (almost) worth it. 

     I'm off -- duty calls. 

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