Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shh! Don't Tell . . .

     I know, this book has sold like a gazillion copies and has been bashed by all sorts of critics, then made into a movie which was bashed again by a whole different set of critics, but, between you and me, I kind of liked The Da Vinci Code.

     Here's why:  it was fast-paced, the chapters were short but kept you hanging, and, most important for me, it had a spiritual/metaphysical point to make.  Sorry, but I'm just not a meaningless murder-and-mayhem kind of girl.  I like things that have a deeper meaning, I guess.

     These factors had a big influence on me when I wrote The Gemini Bond.  I liked to keep the chapters short, with fast pacing, interesting characters, and different scenery.  Best of all, it has a deeper meaning, which, as you know, is exploring what Twin Souls are all about. 

     In other words, I transformed some of the elements of my own experience in learning about Twin Souls into a fun read.  I hope you enjoy it.

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