Saturday, February 4, 2012

An Empathic Vampire?

     It was funny that yesterday I was talking to a retired nurse who admitted that she, too, was an empath.  She recalled that when she was first starting out as a nurse, one of her first experiences was with a woman who, shall we say, was spewing forth violently from both ends.  Poor young nurse had to pull herself together in the supply closet, telling herself that it had to be mind over matter, do or die, get it together, I'm from a long line of doctors and nurses, get over it and so on.  Finally, she did, but her father, also a doctor, later said that she was the queasiest nurse he had ever met.

     On the plus side, though, her empathic abilities helped her do procedures like drawing blood without causing too much pain.  That was because she, like me, could feel what the other felt.  She could also sense when a patient wasn't telling her everything (some people like to hide things because they don't want to seem like a complainer or are embarrassed).  That endeared her to the doctors.

     Nowadays, she works as an alternative medicine therapist, and brings only healing and joy when she works.  Bless this fellow empath!

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