Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Back at the Ranch

     All is well back at the homestead.  Thank you for your good vibes -- they've made a positive difference. 

     You may have been thinking that perhaps I am a person who can't own up to my own negative emotions.  Perhaps I blame others for when I'm feeling angry or sad, and don't allow my self-image to be tainted by the darker feelings we humans experience.

      That is a possibility.

      But I'm going to stick with my original idea that when I'm extra tired or stressed, or when hormones kick in (oh, yes . . . ), that's when I'm extra vulnerable to other people's emotions.  And I can actually feel my mind try to manufacture reasons to match the feelings I'm having.  In other words, often times the feeling comes first, (though not always -- because yes, I do have occasions to be mad or sad or irritated beyond belief), and the reasons are conjured afterward in my busy mind.  That's when I know I'm acting out on another person's emotions. 

     Life is an interesting game, especially when you're an empath.  I'll just keep the baling wire handy.

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