Saturday, February 18, 2012

Searching for a Mate

     I posted a while back about getting a Tibetan singing bowl.  It is way cool, very old, and hypnotically beautiful to listen to.  It's also mind-boggling to consider how many hands have held it and meditated to its pulsing sound.

     I had in mind that I'd get a second one to harmonize with it, and I went to my favorite singing bowl site to check out their selection.  I looked at one after another, playing their mp3 samples while comparing it to the sound of my own bowl.  Nothing harmonized exactly.  I finally exited the site, feeling a little disappointed.

     This, to me, is a metaphor for how we search for our Twin Souls.  We send out our soul-signal, if you will, and hope to find the right soul-signal out there that harmonizes with our own.  Sometimes we search for a long time (lifetimes!) before recognizing the sound of our other half.

     I hope that my bowl won't have to wait another couple of centuries before I find its match. 

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