Saturday, February 25, 2012

. . . . and Some Things I Didn't Like

     Continuing with the subject of The Da Vinci Code, there were a couple of teensy little things that I didn't like. 

     Not to bash Mr. Brown or anything, but sometimes there were some details that made my mind think about how much the author knew rather than getting on with the story.  Also, the part where they had the "big reveal" at the Englishman's house, having to stop the action in order to explain the hidden meanings of The Last Supper along with other symbols, well, for me that really stopped things.  I think it was necessary for the novel, but I learned from that to try to give information by teaspoonfuls rather than by the gallon-sized mug. 

     Overall, though, I think The Da Vince Code had a huge impact on my writing The Gemini Bond.  I combined Brown's usage of short, fast-paced chapters along with an underlying message about, in this case, Twin Souls.

     And if you have a couple of teensy little things you didn't care for, let me know and I'll keep them in mind while finishing the second novel in this series.  Thanks!

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