Saturday, October 1, 2016

Another OBG

     OBG -- That's "oldie but goodie."  I found another great book sitting on my bookshelf that I honestly don't remember reading.  I think I saw the movie, liked it a lot, and then bought the book with every intention of reading it . . . and didn't. 

     Either that, or my brain has completely lost those cells which recorded the memory of reading it.

     Anyway, the book is Contactby Carl Sagan.  The late, great, mellifluous-voiced Carl Sagan.  I miss hearing him say, "Billions and billions of worlds" in that sonorous baritone of his.  But I digress.

     If you want to read an intelligent, hopeful, and scientific science fiction book full of humanity and warmth, this is a good one to get.  I think I liked it better than the movie because it goes into the back stories of characters and talks about global movements in ways that are believable and optimistic. 

     Clearly, Sagan had great hope for humanity.  This book is a good antidote for reading the morning's headlines.

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