Saturday, October 8, 2016

Life's Little Ironies

     Have you seen the movie Sully yet?  I highly recommend it!  I know some critics complained that there wasn't enough adversity to keep the movie going, but I disagree.  The psychological adversity -- what Sully and his co-pilot faced in their own minds -- was more than enough adversity, compiled with a grueling investigation by the Transportation Board.  Go see it.

     I enjoy life's little ironies.  Here's one.  The director of the movie Sully is a well-known Republican and conservative.  Here is a movie about a highly experienced pilot, with a logical, tactical mind, and cool-as-a-cucumber personality.  It was pointed out again and again that Sully's experience and cool-headedness are what saved the 155 passengers on board the plane.  And here we are in the United States facing an election for a new president -- choosing between one candidate who is experienced, with a logical, tactical mind, and a level-headed personality versus one who is . . . not. 

     Ironic, no?
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