Saturday, October 15, 2016

Don't You Love Fall?

     Don't you love this time of year?  The cooler days, the changing angle of the sun, the colors of the leaves -- it's a beautiful time of year.

     As the leaves turn color, detach from the tree and fall, it reminds me to take stock of my life and see if there are things that I can let go of.  Perhaps it is simple as cleaning out a drawer or a closet, or it could be more internal, as in letting go of a habit, a thought-pattern, or an old grudge.  But before I can let something go, I need to acknowledge its purpose in my life and be thankful for the lessons I have learned from it. How did it color my life?  How did it bring new growth?  Next, I need to let it go as simply as a leaf falling from a branch.  Finally, I allow it to act as compost for these new ways of being.  Yes, this is a wonderful time of year. 

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