Saturday, September 28, 2013

Are Empaths Psychic? Part 2

     As I was thinking about the question of whether empaths, such as myself, may be considered psychic, an image suddenly came to mind.  Let me show it to you before I explain (please click here.)

     Oops!  I forgot to advise you to put your earplugs in -- the woo-woo alert is really going crazy!

     There, feel better?  Now let me continue.  The above-mentioned picture, as I'm sure you know, is of the chakras (the colored balls of light running down the center of the body) and the aura, with its seven (or more) layers.  Here's what I think empaths do when they receive emotional or physical information from another person.  I think that they are reading the layer that is the second one out in the aura from the body -- the emotional body.  In some pictures I've seen, it is orange, to correspond to the second chakra.  I believe that other psychics read other layers in the aura, for example, a medical intuitive probably reads the first layer, which is the etheric body; a person who might pick up another person's thoughts would be reading the third layer, the mental body.

     As I've said before, I'm no expert, but this makes sense to me.  Take it or leave it as you will.  Just be sure to remove the earplugs before exiting.

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