Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Psychic Empath

     When I created the character of Rissa in The Gemini Bond, I based some of her abilities on those that I have.  For example, she is clearly an empath, which serves her well in her career as a social worker.  Not only is she able to feel what others are feeling and can quickly ferret out family dynamics, but she can also tell when people are not telling the truth.  I find the gift of being an empath a double-edged sword -- it's great to know what is going on inside other people, but it can often be overwhelming.  I wish I were as good as Rissa at breathing through the emotions and letting them go.

     However, Rissa has some abilities that I don't share.  She has precognitive dreams on a regular basis, which I think would be very troubling.  She also has a form of clairvoyance, a gift which surprised her at a crucial time in the book.  Most importantly, she has a psychic link with someone she has never met before, but who is extremely important in her life.  Who is that?  Well, to find that out, you'll just have to read The Gemini Bond.

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